Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All the finger crossing worked!!!

Way to go everyone that sent good thoughts (or called your Senator/Representative) to Jefferson City!! This afternoon, with only 2 days left in the session, the Missouri General Assembly passed HBs 1311 & 1341! Insurance providers will now be required to provide diagnosis and treatment coverage, including up to $40,000 of ABA, to children up to 18 years old. This is a huge step for our state, the families, and most importantly the children that will benefit. After 3 years of persistence, a special panel, and lots of testimony on both sides, HBs 1311 & 1341 outline the strongest legislation proposed to date on this issue in our state. Way to go to the champions of this issue: Reps. Scharnhorst, Cooper, Grill, and Jones and Sens. Rupp and Schmitt, among many others.

Listen to what these champions had to say before the final vote was taken:
Rep. Scharnhorst
Rep. Cooper
Rep. Grill
Rep. Jones

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